Friday, January 27, 2012

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #27

Awe yeah!!! It’s the best day of the week… Friday! That means an all new episode of The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast w/ Sneaker & The Dryer is now available and about to bite you in the ears with the BASS! For all of you battling sickness this winter have no fear, because the sickness of this show will far outweigh anything you have making it bow down or get down!!!  Today's show features over 3 hours of new tuna, a brand new free banger from S&D, and the awesome commentary from the one like Btz that makes these podcasts so entertaining. Everyone knows the level of business that Sneaker and the Dryer expends on The Shoe Skool Sessions, so I will get right down to talking about the S&D boys brand new track.

The ones like Knife Party have taken the EDM scene by storm in just a few months reaching stratospheric numbers in ridiculously short periods of time. Combining the best of Electro House, Dubstep and Breaks into one mind blowing sound, these guys are bringing the business in a big way! Having recently dropped a free, four track EP entitled "100% No Modern Talking" that it is being played out by just about everybody you can think of, tunes like "Internet Friends" and "Tourniquet" are taking the Complextro style to the next level. "Fire Hive" is the first tuna off of the EP and with this one Knife Party make the journey into Dubstep territory and sufficiently stake their claim. 

What's that you say, you're not a fan of trying to mix Dubstep into your 4/4 and Breaks sets.... neither am I. Well you are in luck because the Sneaker & The Dryer Edit of "Fire Hive" is made to easily mix in with either genre.

Starting things off with S&D's trademark heavy kick and snare, this is one edit that does not just have an extra drum hit added here and there and that's all you get.  A whole new work in is the most noticeable change to start things off and Public Enemy snips will quickly remind you that this is not the original! What's that you say, you don't have your volume cranked, well turn that shit up and get ready to get down as Sneaker & The Dryer totally rework the main section into a 4/4 monster that will have kids headbanging from the front row all the way to the back.

Pulling vocal samples from a total of four different tracks, the main breakdown makes another major change-up and 1-2 steps back into Dubstep with lyrics from Stardust and Clipse riding over the top. One last big build and break and then it's time for the final 180 returning to the four/four madness to finish things off, enjoy! The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #27 -

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast

Knife Party "Fire Hive" Sneaker & The Dryer Edit -

Free Track - Knife Party - Fire Hive - Sneaker & The Dryer Edit by SneakerAndTheDryer

You can get the Free Knife Party EP here - 

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #26

It’s time for The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast so you know what that means, it’s Friday!!! We have been keeping true to our new year’s resolution of giving you a new podcast every week, and this week is no different.  Episode #26 hit’s you right between the eyes with new tuna so fresh you’d swear its sushi, roll one up! Packed with huge tunes for almost three hours it’s easy to see why coming back to download this podcast regularly is essential to having a great week.

With all the new business that has already dropped this year you would figure Kick It would have some tricks up our sleeves and January’s featured artists are just the tip of the iceberg!. First off Sneaker & The Dryer make your body sweat by dropping Kwerk’s  “Werkout”,  with its big bangin bass its sure to have you shoveling those driveways in an instant.  Next up is the S&D boys themselves with the final version of their remix of Under Construction’s “In My Game”. They keep it close to the original while still giving you that amazing Broken House feel that S&D have become known for.

Lastly Paul Farace and Dave Berg hit you with the ping pong madness on their new tune “Fly Away” Ft. Kristen Campbell and MC Benzo. The song is so amazing that words just cannot do it justice, but the video for it sure does!!! See the epic battle between Sugar Fingers Farace and Diamond Dave as they fight it out to see who will be the champion of the dirty world of underground table tennis.  With the first release of 2012, Kwerk’s “Don’t Stop” coming w/ a massive VovKING Remix, and this new monster from Farace & Co., Kick It is going hard right off the starting line for 2012. Have a productive and safe weekend from everyone here at Kick It Recordings and we’ll see you next week with a new episode of The Shoe Skool Sessions hosted by Sneaker & The Dryer…KICK IT!!!

Under Construction's "In My Game" Sneaker & The Dryer Remix 

Diamond Dave Vs Sugar Fingers Farace "Fly Away" Showdown Interview's 

Farace & Dave Berg "Fly Away" Ft. MC Benzo and Kristen Campbell 

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast-

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #25 Ft. VovKING

Happy Friday everyone! Today we have yet another special show for your ear-holes, making this the fourth consecutive week of Sneaker & The Dryer Podcasts supplying you with nothing but monstrous choons. Kicking things off this week, VovKING is bringing his business to The Shoe Skool Studios with his insane one hour “Ideology Porno” mix.

This is a massive onslaught of big beats and fun, funky and fresh tracks that VovKING has compiled. With plenty of dancefloor stormers and a bunch of VovKING’s own crowd tested tunas, this mix is an excellent way to open up the show. Whether it’s “Skype”, “Moombahton in The Xata”, or “Stimulator” with its fat driving bass, you can’t help but get out of your seat and move! Also VovKING unveils his remix of Kwerks "Don't Stop" being released on Kick It Recordings January 19th.

You might look at this weeks post and think, "HEY... is it my birthday", because we also have an exclusive interview with VovKING himself! Remembering his favorite gigs, first albums, and lessons learned from the music industry, this will give you a greater insight into the one like VovKING and his music.

Just in case that wasn't enough for you we also have two killer videos from Tapolsky & VovKING starting off with the official video for "Moombahton in The Xata" followed by the promo video for VovKING and Tapolsky's remix of "Futurasia" by Aggressiveness.

The S&D Boys close out the show with two hours of ridiculousness, making all the tunes within sound new again, as the smooth and well crafted mixing takes the final two hours of tasty tracks to another level! You can download the entire show or just the VovKING mix below and we’ll see you next week for another episode of The Shoe Skool Sessions w/ Sneaker & The Dryer, Kick It!!!

Tapolsky & VovKING - Moombahton in The Xata

Tapolsky & VovKING Live Video

The Kick It 12 - VovKING Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?

 I started listening to electonic music when i was 8, it was The Prodigy :) Then my musical tastes  changed & I payed more attention to Hip-Hop & Rock/Metal music. When i was 16 my friend gave me my first Splitloop's album 'Here on Business'... After that I was fascinated by electronic music, I learned about Breakbeat music & became a Dj..

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?

I have few digital releases at the moment. I think that I'm too young for an album. You need to understansd music much better than me to start make an album.

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?

I did not go to any events before i became a dj. I was born in a small town there wasn't any raves, festivals etc.

4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?

Think, that it might be in the end of January. It'll be the massive festival Ideology, formed by my friend - Dj Tapolsky. There will be fantastic line-up! We'll play with Calvertron, Dubsidia, The Prototypes, Chasing Shadows....

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?

 I'm proud that I work with Splitloop at Toastclub at the moment :)

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

Don't know... There are many festivals in Ukraine where I'll play in 2012. I really wanna visit the USA!

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?

I think that my listeners must evaluate my work. As for me - I'm very happy with the 'Stimulator' & with my remix for Kwerk. I play only these 2 tunes from all stuff that  I made. Also I have few succesfull tunes & remixes with Tapolsky.

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?

Splitloop! They make the most quality music to me. Also I Like General MIDI, Skrillex, Oliver Huntemann, Acess Denied, Alex Metric, old tunes from Rogue Element, Camo & Krooked, CTRL Z, and Gessafelstein.There are a lot artists outside of electronic music that I like. There are many Ukrainian & old Russian artists, Rock & Pop bands such as Ill Nino, Nickelback, Hatebreed, Flaw, Killowats & Vanek, Maroon 5, Eminem, David Guetta, Rhiana & much more :)

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

General MIDI! His sound is fantastic. Also i would like to do something with Skrillex.

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?

I use Ableton Live for production. I like Massive, Sylenth 1. For Hardware I use the NI Maschine & few controllers. Native Instruments is incredible - I love their products very much!

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?

You must develop! You must develop all life long!!!

12. – What does the future hold for VovKING?

Only God knows it. I wanna start to play live. I produce only breaks as VovKING at the moment, also I want to try to make some other styles of music with different artist. We make Dubstep, Moombahton & other bass music with Tapolsky, I produce Techno with my friend Dub-Ro. I don't know what will be the result of that all...

VovKING Ideology Porno Mix

01. - Splitloop "Frequency Rebel" [Against The Grain]
02. - Lucky Date "Hos & Discos" Space Laces Remix [Big Fish]
03. - Skrillex "Disco Rangers" [CDR]
04. - Kill The Noise "Deal With It" [Owsla]
05. - Excision "Ohhh Nooo" [mau5trap]
06. - Lazy Rich "Hello" Chrizz Luvly & Rocket Pimp Remix [Big Fish]
07. - Dubsidia "Kill Humans" Dirtyloud Remix [Play Me]
08. - Chuckie "Who Is Ready To Jump" Albert Neve Raw Remix [Cr2]
         w/ Afrika Bambaataa "Just Get Up & Dance" Acapella
         & Green Velvet "La La Land" Acapella
09. - Far Too Loud "Megaloud" [Bazooka]
10. - Diplo & Datsik "Pick Your Poison" [Mad Decent]
11. - Kwerk "Don't Stop" VovKING Remix [Kick It CDR]
         w/ Far East Movement "Like A G6" Acapella
12. - VovKING "Stimulator" [Toastclub]
13. - You Killing Me "Cant Stop" [Freakz Me Out]
14. - F.O.O.L "The Freak" You Killing Me Remix [CDR]
15. - Porter Robinson "Unison" Knife Party Remix [mau5trap]
16. - Excision "The Underground" [mau5trap]
17. - Calvertron "Prototype" [Jack Knife]
18. - Tapolsky & VovKING "Skype" [Bombeatz]
19. - A-Skillz "California Soul" [CDR]
20. - Kill The Noise "Kill The Noise" Dillon Francis Remix [Owsla]
21. - Skrillex "Bangarang" [Owsla]
22. - George Thorogood "Bad To The Bone"
23. - BB "Танці" Tapolsky & VovKING Remix [CDR]
24. - Knife Party "Fire Hive" [Earstorm]
25. - Kill The Noise "Talk To Me" [Owsla]
26. - Xilent "Choose Me ll" [Audioporn]
27. - Скрябін " Говорили і Курили" Tapolsky & VovKING Remix [CDR]
28. - Sofi & Skrillex "Bring Out The Devil" [mau5trap]
00. - Outro

VovKING - Ideology Porno-MIX by Tapolsky & VovKING


The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #25 w/ VovKING Mix - The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast #25

VovKING "Ideology Porno" Mix - Ideology Porno Mix

VovKING on Facebook - VovKING Fan Page

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Shoe Skool Sessions 2012 - 3 Hour Kick Off!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope all of you had an amazing first week of 2012! As promised we have the newest Shoe Skool Sessions podcast w/ Sneaker & The Dryer up and ready for you to download! The Bassline specialists hold nothing back as they hit you with brand new bangers and some of the biggest tunes from 2011 that will hopefully bring up some fond memories from last year’s shows.

Btz also drops his newest remix, Under Construction's "In My Game" the Sneaker & The Dryer Remix, which is full of flavor from the original, while still giving you the big business and broken madness that you expect from S&D. Be sure to pick it up for FREE on Sneaker & The Dryer's Soundcloud Page!

We keep the bass flowing and our new year’s resolutions intact by giving you the third straight week of off the wall music from the one and only Btz! Be sure to check back frequently so you don’t miss any of the new tunes and progressive mixing that has made Sneaker & The Dryer a household name! For six years Btz has been dropping massive tuna on The Shoe Skool Sessions, stay up to date so that you don't miss any of the amazing talent that this man has to offer!!! See you next week and Kick It!!!

Shoe Skool Sessions 2012 Kick Off -  The Shoe Skool Sessions 2012 Kick Off

Sneaker & The Dryer on Twitter -