Friday, April 20, 2012

The Shoe Skool Sessions Blogcast Episode #32 - The 420 Edition

Happy Friday and a very happy 420 to everyone! For this weeks Shoe Skool Sessions we are bringing you the 420 business for just over 2 hours to maximize your holiday buzz. On another note, this will be the last show for about a month, due to the fact that Btz will be on the road for several weeks and events that Kick It is hosting locally.

This week's show is full of exclusives, brand new tracks and all the awesome bangers that your accustomed too, while also hitting you with a couple of originals from S&D. Btz was in 100% attach mode for this one so get on your dancing shoes and crank that shiz up!

Just as a little teaser, I'm thinking that if you are good boys and girls this weekend I might post the newest Sneaker & The Dryer Rampshow sometime next week! 

So, be sure to visit the S&D Soundcloud page to make sure you have all the episodes of the Blogcast ensuring that your bass fix and banging mix needs will be met. Be safe, smoke a bunch, get down to some good tunes, and always..... Kick It!!!  

The Shoe Skool Sessions Blogcast Episode #32 -

   The Shoe Skool Sessions Blogcast Episode #32 by SneakerAndTheDryer

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