Monday, August 13, 2012

The Shoe Skool Sessions Blogcast w/ Sneaker & The Dryer Episode #33

Oh it's been awhile, but today makes it well worth the wait as we release The Shoe Skool Sessions Blogcast episode #33!!! This mix is strictly bangers and big bass music just like we know you love! For an incredible three hours straight, S&D gives you the business directly from his mind to your ears and believe me, the energy of this mix stays constant and rocking!!!

It's clear that anytime you have a chance to hear superior mixing and tracks that push the boundaries of sound,  you are in for one hell of a ride and right in the drivers seat moving 100+ down the highway passing all other vehicles on the way is New England's own Sneaker & The Dryer!

This mega mix closes out with a fantastic and free edit of Moloko's "Sing It Back" direct from the bassline specialist Sneaker & The Dryer! This is one massive festival tuna that is a must have and needs to be heard to understand the true originality of this piece!!!

With the release of his newest tune and this massive mix, S&D shows he's still got the pedal to the metal and shows no sings of slowing down anytime soon!!! Be on the lookout for S&D's Ramp Show #7 coming later this week as well!!

Have a safe and productive week everyone, and always KICK IT!!!!

Moloko "Sing It Back" Sneaker & The Dryer Edit

   Free Track - Moloko - Sing It Back - Sneaker & The Dryer Edit by SneakerAndTheDryer

The Shoe Skool Sessions Blogcast Episode #33

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