Friday, February 3, 2012

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #28 - The Last Torq 1.5 Show

Get out of your seats and grab all your friends, it’s Friday so you know what that means, we have a brand spanking new Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast w/ Sneaker & The Dryer that will slap you in the face so hard your ears will hit the floor!  This show marks the last time Btz will be using his old set up, so say goodbye to Torq 1.5 and hello to the amazing new business that S&D will be pumping out. 

We won’t get into the specific details quite yet, but I can tell you first hand that it’s going to be out of this world! You’ll be blown away with the ability of this new set up and it might seem like there are 4 DJs mixing at once, but behold, it’s The S&D Boys killing it!

Next week Sneaker & The Dryer are heading out to do a couple shows across the East Coast so there will be no Shoe Skool Sessions Thursday night but we may just get the Wednesday show, Kick-in It w/ Btz, posted up for you instead. So make sure to be good boys and girls this week and we’ll do our best!

Hope you guys enjoy this awesome three hour podcast, if you are having a Super Bowl party this weekend or if you’re going to be chillin’ with your Valentine, download it now and you’ll be able to rock out to some serious tuneage from The Shoe Skool Studios!!! Have a fun and productive weekend and Kick It!!!!!

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #28:
The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Episode #28 - The Last Torq 1.5 Show

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